Cannabis News

August 23, 2017

CBD Water Could be The Next Big Trend in Cannabis

The Potential of CBD Water CBD water is exactly what the name implies: CBD-infused water. The combination of pure water and CBD could have some […]
August 23, 2017

Here’s How Many People in the World Consume Cannabis

Ever wonder how many people in the world consume cannabis? Well, if you’re one of them, then you’re in the company of 182 million, 999 […]
August 17, 2017

Judge Denies Nevada Marijuana Distribution Injunction Request

CARSON CITY — Carson City District Judge James Todd Russell on Thursday denied any injunction sought by liquor distributors to stop marijuana licensees get into […]
August 16, 2017

Cleanse With Cannabis: 4 Ways to Treat Tension

We’ve all heard of cannabis cleanses that aim to flush THC from the body by using a variety of herbs and vitamins. But what if […]
July 31, 2017

Massachusetts: Lawmakers to Restart Talks on Compromise MJ Bill

Lawmakers are restarting negotiations over legislation that would overhaul the state’s voter-approved marijuana law. A House-Senate conference committee has scheduled a closed-door meeting for Monday […]
July 31, 2017

Nerve Damage is No Match for Marijuana

Debbie Moreira was almost completely non-functional, bed-ridden, and relying on a caregiver due to the challenges of living with a nerve disorder. After trying cannabidiol (CBD) […]
July 31, 2017

Vivian Stagg: Once faced brain surgery, now she’s seizure-free

 Vivian Stagg was facing the ultimatum of having a no-guarantees invasive brain surgery when her daughter suggested they try one more thing to help Vivian’s […]
July 31, 2017

Trump Commission Calls for ‘State of Emergency’ Over Opioids

In an interim report release this afternoon, President Trump’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis called on the president to declare a […]
July 31, 2017

Marijuana May Be Miracle Treatment for Kids with Autism

MODI’IN, ISRAEL — When Noa Shulman came home from school, her mother, Yael, sat her down to eat, then spoon-fed her mashed sweet potatoes — […]
June 29, 2017

Cannabis and Its Impact on High Blood Pressure

Cannabis and Its Impact on High Blood Pressure Given the increasing prevalence of hypertension at a time when states are liberalizing cannabis laws, people want […]
June 29, 2017

5 Things to Know Before Giving Your Pets Medical Marijuana

5 Things to Know Before Using Medical Cannabis for Your Pets A growing number of veterinarians believe cannabidiol (CBD) products can be effective in treating […]
June 29, 2017

Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco Could Be Harmful

Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco Could Hurt Heart Health, Improve Memory A new research study from University College London is the first to examine how cannabis […]