What are the best cannabis strains for energy?


Marijuana is a substance known for its relaxing purposes, but apart from them, cannabis may be a source of energy boosts for its users. It can help fight excessive fatigue, insomnia, or anxiety, soothe pains, or muscle strains. There are certain marijuana strains and types that have especially energetic purposes – the name of those is a sativa strain, but it’s relatively difficult to find a perfect one – it’s more a matter of experimenting than making a simple choice. But with some guidelines presented below, it can become easier.


Marijuana strain types

There are three major types of marijuana strains to choose between. The first one is the indica. Indica strains are usually meant to be relaxing and soothing; they don’t have an energy-boosting effect. Another one, sativa, is quite invigorating and mood-lifting. It is said to improve creativity, clearness of thinking, and general cognitive skills. The third type is, in fact, a mixture of indica and sativa, offering a balance of their effects. 

Actually, the effects of marijuana within particular strains depend on their chemical ingredients. Indicas are high in THC, while sativas contain a lot of CBD. If you look for a perfect strain for your mood and preferences, have a careful look at those chemical parameters.


Best sativa strains for energy

Once you know which type of strain you’re interested in, the choice narrows down a bit, but in fact, it still remains quite broad. You can choose, for example, between:


  • Durban Poison  

It’s a sativa marijuana strain said to be an ‘espresso in marijuana’. It has energy-boosting and uplifting effects. It is predominantly sweet and spicy. The THC percentage varies between 15 and 25 percent. Durban Poison’s use involves side effects, especially dry mouth or eyes, paranoia, or anxiety. The risk of headaches is relatively low in this case.


  • Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold is characterized by its smooth but spicy aroma with a hint of lemon. The THC level here is usually around 19-20 percent, so it’s a relatively strong strain. It can be used as a tranquilizing substance, for example, in treating depression, anxiety, or ADHD, but in general, it’s energizing and creativity boosting. Colombian Gold was discovered in the 60s. in the US, and since then, it has been an extremely popular cannabis strain.


  • Silver Haze

Silver Haze is another strongly energetic cannabis strain. It normally contains from 20 to 24 percent of THC, which makes it a strong marijuana variation. Its name comes from the silver shine of the flowers. Silver Haze is used in treating chronic pain, stress, or depression, and it has strong effects. Its aroma is sweet, and it involves a dose of pine aroma as well. Silver Haze is a widely used and almost cult cannabis type.


  • Green Crack

Green Crack is a perfect strain for those looking for an energy boost, but also for a great dose of focus. It works these two ways, and it’s perfect to use, for example in the morning when we need a high level of activity in general. It’s good to remember some of its side effects, though, which include disturbance and disfiguration of vision or the time-lapse experience. It’s not advised to use Green Crack late at night or in the evening. The THC level in this strain is around 16 percent, which makes its effects last longer. 


  • Thai

Thai, also called ThaiStick, is a local marijuana strain that comes from Asia and was later brought to the US. Because of growing in isolation, this type of cannabis is relatively strong. It has a THC percentage of around 22 percent. One of its main side effects may be dry mouth, but it’s relatively safe as it rarely causes anxiety or shock. The taste and aroma of Thai are both citrus-like and intense. 


  • Jack Herer

Jack Herer strain got its name from the name of a marijuana legalization fighter and book author. Since its production in the 1990s., it has been a widely popular cannabis sativa classic. Its effects mostly include euphoria and energy boost. The THC percentage varies between 15 and 24 percent so that it can be either a mild or a strong sativa. Jack Herer has a pleasant scent of lemon and orange.


The world of marijuana is now broadly developed, and both indica and sativa strains include numerous variations. They may differ in THC percentage, scent, taste, origin, or side effects. It’s impossible to choose only one favourite variation. However, the sativas listed above will all be good options for those who seek energy, mood, and creativity boosts in their marijuana use.