Dab University Teaches You How To Take The Perfect Dab


If you follow #meltshot on Instagram, you’ve likely seen thousands of artfully angled videos of heady rigs filtering through thick vapor. The banger is always the right temperature and the concentrates bubble to perfection. The consumer moves through the motions with fluidity. It’s an art form, really. So, how do they do it? 


There’s a lot of moving pieces when it comes to taking a dab, from properly handling the torch to the various steps you have to take to get your wax on the nail in the right amount of time. It takes some practice to get the process down and gauging the heat up and cool down times that fit your tools takes a lot of trial and error. 


But, no worries. Yo Dabba Dabba is putting the cool back in school with a program that aims to educate and empower everyone to feel comfortable enough to take a dab. That’s right: The Arizona-based concentrates tool brand is here to help you perfect your dab sesh. They not only offer the latest and most-loved bangers, carb caps, eNails, and accessories, but they’re also the founders of Dab University, a series of educational videos that help you safely dab, and get the most out of the tools they supply. 


When you enroll with your email address you’re granted access to free courses emailed weekly to your inbox that are quick, fun, and informative—covering a wide range of skill sets from beginner basics to advanced dabbing techniques and even product reviews and demonstrations. 


“Everyone remembers their first dab. Chances are it was just as awkward as your first time doing some other things,” giggles Terp Tina, one of the professors at Dab University. “You probably fumbled through the process and fell asleep after.” Relatable. 


If you’re looking to ease the anxiety of your first time or improve your skills for sessions to come, why not educate yourself to get your dabs done right? Everyone is welcome at Dab U, there’s literally no downside to enrolling (plus, it’s free). Although the courses cover an extensive amount of information, it’s all delivered in a go-at-your-own-pace kind of way with quick videos you can watch at your leisure, helpful articles, and even printable PDFs to help you study for your tests. 


Wait, tests?! Yup, they will quiz you, but if you don’t pass the first time around you have unlimited opportunities to re-watch the videos and take the tests again. “We’re here to help you,” says Lit Britt, a Dab University professor. “We want you to feel completely comfortable using dab tools and taking a dab.”


Pre-enrollment is now open! A few weeks with Lit Britt and Terp Tina will leave you hashtag-worthy. And when people ask, “Where’d you learn to dab like that?” you can flash your Graduation Pack to rep your alma mater. 



Enroll here: https://yodabbadabba.com/dab-university/

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