Cotton Candy Kush

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Indica Dominant Hybrid

 THC: 17% – 22%, CBD: 1%

Named for its soft, fluffy appearance and intense candied aroma, Cotton Candy Kush is a hybrid that crosses Lavender with Power Plant. Power Plant gives Cotton Candy Kush a bit more of a mental-kick, helping tame down the Indica genetics. This makes Cotton Candy especially attractive to medical marijuana patients suffering from stress, anxiety, ptsd, migraines, headaches, and minor aches and pains.  However, Cotton Candy shouldn’t be used as the sole treatment for conditions that respond to CBD, including seizure disorders. Expect a calming body high from this strain, along with cerebral effects, euphoria, and a boost of happiness.


Calming – Euphoric – Happy – Relaxed – Uplifted


Anxiety – Stress – Pain – Headaches – Migraines – Depression – PTSD – Insomnia


Sweet – Candy – Fruity – Berry – Earthy – Floral

Possible Side Effects:

 Dry Mouth – Dry Eyes – Paranoia – Dizziness.