White Widow

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January 20, 2017
Cannabis Saved My Life – Dravet Syndrome
January 23, 2017


THC: 18% – 25%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Among the most famous strains worldwide is White Widow, a balanced (60:40 Sativa/Indica) hybrid first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds.  White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s. It leads one to a cognitive driven high with a relaxing undertone. A powerful burst of euphoria and energy breaks through immediately, stimulating both conversation and creativity. Patients will opt for White Widow if they’re seeking a strain that allows them to unwind and relax while still maintaining a sense of mental awareness. This strain is especially good for depression, stress, pain, and PTSD. White Widow gets its name from the fact that it is literally blanketed in white crystals. Beware though, this sweet sugary smoke starts out light but expands dramatically which can lead to heavy coughing; especially if you’re a novice smoker.


Happy – Euphoric – Relaxed – Uplifted – Creative – Energized


Stress – Depression – Pain – Fatigue – Insomnia – Bipolar Disorder – Headaches – Migraines


Earthy – Woody – Pungent – Dank – Spicy – Pine

Possible Side Effects:

Dry Mouth – Dry Eyes – Dizzy – Paranoid – Headache