Maine Becomes Eighth State to Eliminate Marijuana Possession Penalties
February 15, 2017
First Cannabis Friendly RV Park Coming to Oregon
February 17, 2017


THC: 15% – 17.5%

A selectively bred hybrid tropical cannabis cross claiming proud Big Bud X White Widow paternal influence. Relatively easy to grow, medium-high in thc levels, and known for a trademark sweet orange citrus grapefruit flavor.


Considerably strong in clean-reaching mind-clearing socially functional cerebrally dominant effects. Not as much of a rapid ascension as previous versions, equal in strength but more enjoyable in result. Long in duration, with a just as easy let down following the surprisingly sneaky pure powerful if not unnoticeable start.


Stress relief – Depression – Mood Enhancement – Hypertension – PTSD – Anxiety Abatement – Headaches – Appetite Stimulation


Semi-Sour – Citrus

Possible Side Effects:

Long Duration