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July 21, 2015
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ReformCA, part of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR), has announced the expected filing of a new ballot initiative with the Attorney General’s office. This initiative, which should makes its way to the 2016 ballot, will cover the legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis in California, as well as proposed systems for regulation and taxation. With the deadline for filing only a couple of weeks away, we grabbed Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University as well as Chairwoman of CCPR‘s Board of Directors to fill us in on what is happening.
CCPR has over 70,000 boots on the ground committed to 2016 cannabis legalization, in addition to an overall national list of 150,000. The goal of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform is to replace the harmful policy of cannabis prohibition with reasonable regulation, based on science, through ballot initiatives, legislative collaboration and public education campaigns. allows interested parties to track and get involved with this specific initiative.


“We’ve travelled up and down the coast of California, conducting no less than 15 meetings to really hear the wants, needs and ideas of the people. It’s our goal to create the most comprehensive initiative to date. Something that is not perfect for anyone, but good for everyone.” – Dale Sky Jones CCPR Chairwoman
While a handful of initiatives may be hopeful for the 2016 ballot, ReformCA hopes to unify all interested groups to create the most effective and comprehensive initiative to date.
“We have to come together and agree. The fact is, if open up the lines of communication, we’ll probably realize we agree on more than we disagree. The bottom line is that, if we take different initiatives to the voters, we’ll all lose. That’s why we are trying hard to work on a level that brings us all together.” – Dale Sky Jones CCPR Chairwoman
In order to create the most successful initiative possible, both in ideology and actual language, ReformCA has picked some of the best analytical minds throughout the state so that, down to the letter, every part of the initiative has been both considered and analyzed as to its potential impact.
“We’re talking to a lot of intellects and policy makers who are studying the various pro’s and con’s of policy decisions. These are the conversations that we’re excited and interested about having because they are going to lead us to the best proposal possible.” – Dale Sky Jones CCPR Chairwoman
Due to its size and population, California has some of the most unique regulatory systems in the country. Because of this fact, ReformCA is building a brand new model for regulation and taxation that will factor in all the variables that the Golden State has to offer.
“We’re researching multiple models and language options with respects to both taxation and regulation. Our goal is to look at state’s recreational and medical programs, so that we can take the best parts of each state’s system and apply it to a model that will work for us. The regulatory regimes in California are the most unique in America. We don’t expect the cannabis regulatory system to be any less unique.” – Dale Sky Jones CCPR Chairwoman
To join the movement or simply stay informed, visit ReformCA.COM