August 23, 2017

CBD Water Could be The Next Big Trend in Cannabis

The Potential of CBD Water CBD water is exactly what the name implies: CBD-infused water. The combination of pure water and CBD could have some […]
August 23, 2017

Here’s How Many People in the World Consume Cannabis

Ever wonder how many people in the world consume cannabis? Well, if you’re one of them, then you’re in the company of 182 million, 999 […]
August 17, 2017

Judge Denies Nevada Marijuana Distribution Injunction Request

CARSON CITY — Carson City District Judge James Todd Russell on Thursday denied any injunction sought by liquor distributors to stop marijuana licensees get into […]
August 16, 2017

Cleanse With Cannabis: 4 Ways to Treat Tension

We’ve all heard of cannabis cleanses that aim to flush THC from the body by using a variety of herbs and vitamins. But what if […]
August 8, 2017

Blackberry Kush

Indica THC: 13%-20%, CBD: 2% This mostly indica strain is a mix of Afghani and Blackberry strains and has beautiful dark purple buds with orange hairs. […]
August 7, 2017

Alien OG

Hybrid THC: 20%-28%, CBD: 0.1%-0.2% First available as a clone in California’s Bay Area and now in seed form from Cali Connection, Alien OG is a […]
August 7, 2017


Hybrid THC: 14%-20%, CBD: 0.2%-1.5% Don’t let its intense name fool you: AK-47 will leave you relaxed and mellow. This sativa-dominant hybrid delivers a steady and long-lasting […]
August 7, 2017

Jack Herer

Sativa THC: 18%-23%, CBD: 0.03%-0.2% Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has gained as much renown as its namesake, the marijuana activist and author […]