March 30, 2016

Nixon’s Aide Admits War On Drugs is Racist

For just over four decades, the United States has spent innumerable resources to fight the “War on Drugs.” In fact, the Drug Policy Alliance puts […]
March 30, 2016

Which Country Consumes the Most Cannabis?

Cannabis has probably been consumed in every country in the world, at one time or another. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) stated that […]
March 30, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg Partners with Marijuana Maven to Launch Pot Products

Whoopi Goldberg announced on Wednesday that she has joined Maya Elisabeth of the all-female collective Om Edibles to launch a new medical marijuana company, which […]
March 23, 2016

Federal Government Advises Doctors Against Testing Patients for Marijuana

As part of its plan to change the healthcare community’s cavalier attitude towards the distribution of dangerous prescription painkillers, the federal government has advised physicians […]
March 21, 2016

US Supreme Court Dismisses Colorado Marijuana Case

While marijuana advocates across the United States have been in a nail-biting frenzy ever since it was revealed that a lawsuit filed in the U.S. […]
March 15, 2016

The Relationship Between Alzheimer’s and Cannabis

Today we will take a dive into the relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and cannabis. Whether or not this condition has affected your life, the research […]
March 9, 2016

Schedule II? Not So Fast, Hillary

Speaking at a recent campaign stop in South Carolina, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for reclassifying marijuana under the federal Controlled Substances Act, moving […]
March 8, 2016

Why Voters and Politicians Love Marijuana Taxes

Marijuana Taxes: A few weeks ago, Alaska’s Anchorage Assembly put a new marijuana tax on the April 5th ballot. It is expected to win approval easily, because one […]